Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stamp Alphabet Series: A is For Albania

KNS's ----Stamp Alphabet Series will pick a country for each letter of the alphabet as well as some terms and definitions useful to stamp collectors.

Adhesive: A word generally referring to a stamp. An adhesive is a label affixed to an article to prepay postal fees, in contrast to a design printed directly on an article, as with postal stationery. An adhesive can also refer to a registration label or other label added to a cover.

Aerophilately: A specialized area of collecting concentrating on stamps or covers carried by air.

Airmail: The carriage of mail by air. The first regular airmail service began in 1870, when mail was carried from Paris, France, then besieged by German forces, over enemy lines by balloon. The first airmail stamp was issued by Italy in 1917.

Album: Albums are binders, usually with pages, for the mounting and display of stamps and covers. Albums come in many sizes, styles and themes.


Mirela said...

First I would like to say how grateful I am for the work you are doing here.

I am no longer a kid, but as a child here in Romania I used to collect stamps. We had the so called "stamp envelopes" that were basically packs that contained mostly used stamps - half of which were Romanian and half from foreign countries (mostly from "brethren" communist countries, but nevertheless beautiful and interesting). They were not so expensive but for me as a child, they were "a little fortune", so I saved every dime to get one.

As a child I was constantly puzzled by this mysterious "Shqip" country that didn't appear on any map I knew. Only many years later - when chance had it that one of my best college buddies was Albanian! - I found out that my precious mysterious country stamps were from Albania.

So, I truly appreciate the wit of putting A is from Albania(Shqip)...

Even now, from time to time I go and buy a stamps pack, for old times' sake. Unfortunately as I understand a couple of years ago they discontinued the packs that contained foreign stamps, and now sell only all-Romanian packs. (50 stamps in a pack). I wandered if you know of places to buy packs of stamps for kids (I mean the cheap used ones)in Europe. I so long for the days when I opened a pack of stamps looking at the small coloured pieces of paper from other countries like through a window to freedom. It was a cool way for a kid to "travel", especially in a country where the borders were closed.

Best Regards from Romania,

Anonymous said...

Kids Need Stamps puts together stamp kits that contain what you are talking about. If a parent requests a kit, and provides their mailing address, one is mailed for free.

Mirela said...

I know they do, but I am not a parent. I'd like the stamps for my own selfish and maybe sometimes childish pleasure.

From what I understand, the ones they send for free are starter kits for educational purposes and I wouldn't want to take away the pleasure of a child.

But, if they "put together stamp kits", as you very well said, they must know of places where to buy them, right? That's why I was asking.