Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness: Our Fifth Year of Operation

Another exciting year is upon us at Kids Need Stamps. Thank you for the kind words and helpful comments. Our mission remains the same: helping parents help kids collect stamps. While we do branch out ocassionally to assist boys scouts, disabled students, war veterans, etc., KNS is first and foremost about helping parents connect with their children using stamps.

We live in strange and ironic times where so-called advanced devices like smart phones and video games tout brain stimulation and increased communication. But I question these remarks as merely commericial propaganda meant to reinforce sales. I have yet to hear and important or intelligent conversation using a cell phone. You can wait to get home to talk silly. And video games isolate our children more so than ever before. I wouldn't advocate banning these devices only self-regulating their usage in our lives. My own kids play video games but we restrict the time and games they play. They still must deal with homework, boardgames, and their parents.

Stamps are special devices that allow us to access our children's lives without leaning on them about sermons, rules and merely forcing "togetherness." The parental connection becomes natural and vital when learning why stamps exist and how their extistence educates and entertains the entire world.