Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stamp Alphabet Series: E is For El Salvador

Earliest known use (EKU) - The cover or piece that documents the earliest date on which a stamp or postal stationery item is known to be used.

Early Impression - A stamp printed during the beginning run of a press that usually has a very sharp image.

E F O - Errors, Freaks and Oddities.

Embossing - The process of giving relief to paper by pressing it with a die.

Encased postage stamp - A stamp inserted into a small, transparent, coin-size case originally used as legal coins during coin shortages.

Entire - An intact piece of postal stationery, in contrast to a cutout of the imprinted stamp.

Error - A major mistake in the production of a stamp or postal stationery item such as imperforates, missing or incorrect colors, and design image errors.

Essay - The artwork of a proposed design for a stamp.

Etiquette - A gummed label applied to an envelope to designate a specific mail service.

Examiner’s Mark - A mark indicating examination by censors.

Expertization - The examination of a stamp or cover by an acknowledged expert to determine if it is genuine.

Exploded - A stamp booklet that has been separated into its various components, usually for purposes of display.