Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome New Year, Welcome Ukraine to the Family

Welcome, Ukraine to the family of Kids Need Stamps. Thanks very much to a wonderful young person whom took it upon herself to translate our welcome letter and foreign stamp translation list into Ukrainian. A big favor to a part of the world where stamps are just becoming a part of their newfound cultural indendepence and political freedom. Great job and thanks again.

2009 was a widely successful year in that KNS continued to reach out and contact Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Stamp Clubs and International Parents with stamp attachments and stamp kits to start everyone in the right direction. And as always totally free of charge. We continue to make new friends in Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Ukraine.

KNS is marking its 3rd year in operation and continues to regularly assist Stamps for the Wounded (to honor our returning wounded veterans) and will build upon contacts to regularly supply a number of hospital programs for long-term sick children.

My family sincerely thanks you for your wonderful emails, heartfelt blog comments and overall support in this most important endeavor in helping parents help kids collect stamps.


gina said...

dear stamp dad, I have read with interest what you are doing with your blog to help kids and service veterans have more fun with stamp collecting. My father has recently died and we want to donate his stamp collections to a cause such as yours. My mother initially thought of the Leper societies, the blind, etc. Dad would have enjoyed perpetuating his love of collecting with others, children and vets being excellent choices. The big issue is the weight of the books and shipping costs. We live in Canada, and if you know of a sensible way to pass on this collection to avoid problems with international customs tariffs and excessive shipping costs, I would be interested in hearing your suggestions. Living in Ontario, Canada, I know there are many bases nearby. But getting the connection is the challenge. Gina D

StampDad said...

Very kind of your to keep us in your thoughts. The only sensible way I have ever encountered is to simply remove the stamps from the books and place them in envelopes for easy and inexpensive shipping. Unfortunately albums and stockbooks in general, and older ones in particular are so heavy and expensive that it would be easier and cheaper to remove them.