Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Low Cost Hobby Translates into High Values During A Crazy Econony

We received many emails from families who have tightened their belts due to the downturned economy. A large percentage lost hours or weeks or even 1 of their 2 incomes due to this nagging recession. I make no judgements on why more parents are interested in stamp collecting for their children this year versus last year. What I say is don't wait!

Stamp collecting is not only an incredibly educational hobby it is also a low-cost one that firmly allows kids to work at their own pace and by themselves when needed but also makes room to have parents and adults enjoy in the fun. With our stamp kit, a child receives a packet of stamps and some hinges. Their parents receive a number of stamp attachments that provide stamp information, foreign identification and links to print out free stamps. Everything they need to start is entirely for free.

If a parent wants to venture out further, then they can buy a $1 3-ring loose leaf binder and order for $5 a packet of Vario pages (these are pre-made cellophane pages with 7 or 8 levels to hold stamps for protection and viewing.) These are very easy to get at auction sites such as Ebay.

We have been hearing stories from parents who cannot afford to buy video games or electronic toys. They want stamp collecting and board games and family games that bring people closer together. We at KNS have been preaching this for years. Do not allow modern conveniences to divide your time from your family. And definitely don't allow a bad economy to turn you into a smarter parent. Be smart in any economy. You can't get those years back and you are bound to be sell those silly toys at a future garage sale.

Some of your and your child's fondest memories one day will be the days of stamp collecting. The education, the bonding and ultimately the love of family.