Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Father's Devotion To Fun

Naturally, I am always happy to hear from fathers, especially single fathers, who struggle to be taken seriously in a world that stereotypes dads as deadbeats if they are not married and aloof if they are so.

I once had a job in a company where the head management looked down on managers whom were also fathers from taking sick leave to care for their children. The exact quote was, "if you're telling the truth, you should get your wife to do it, if you're lying just ask for the day off and stop the drama!" And little gem of incredible wisdom came from a female senior manager.

One of the most precious moments in stamp collecting is the joy of sharing your hobby with your son or daughter and hoping one day it will become their own educational passion.

We have been getting alot of father traffic about the stamp kits and are very pleased the father's are devoted to their children and devoted to a fair measure of fun through stamp collecting.

God Bless