Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stamp Alphabet Series: M is for Morocco

The name given to G.B. definitives, first issued in 1967 bearing the Queen's head designed from a plaster cast of the queen's profile by Arnold Machin,

The unprinted edging surrounding or dividing a sheet of stamps. [see Gutter Margin]

Miniature Sheet
(abbreviation M/S) A small sheet of one or several stamps, usually with a decorative margins, issued as a souvenir for collectors.

A stamp as issued by the government printing office with full original gum [see Original Gum]. where available, unhinged and uncanceled.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black History Month: Heritage Series

Don't believe the rumors. There is no stoppage of the popular stamp series. This was one of those silly internet stories that proves to be completely untrue. The Black Heritage Series continues and will continue to document the achievements of African Americans.

We get many emails asking when the Post Office will issue a stamp for Gen. Colin Powell. In fact we get more emails asking about him then our current President Barack Obama. I remind all inquiring that the rules are the same for everyone: a worthy individual must be deceased for at least 10 years before being considered.