Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Want Stamps To Live Forever

We're told a million things a day to do in order to make this world a better place. We should stop smoking, end global warming, be kind to animals and eat vegetables.

I say we should pay attention to our children. Spend time with them. Don't throw them to the wolves of wide-screen television. Take them on a walk. Do a funny dance with them. Read them a book. Sing them a song. And spend hours examining exciting international stamps.

I have many joyous memories of stamps. I would go the New York and buy them with my Grandfather. Later in the evening I would sort them out with my Father. Later in the weekend my Uncle would stop by with a envelope full of stamps on paper he got from the travel agency.

I'm not very fond of the technology. I suspect for all the life-extending properties it proudly proclaims----it takes something spiritual from us, keeps us apart from human contact. What's the point of living another 12 years if you are alone and afraid.

That is why I want stamps to live on forever. In our lives. On our pages. In our very dreams. As an ivibrant part of education and freedom to think beyond a limiting machine. Stamps are art. Stamps are history and more important stamps are alive with the sound of children's voices being heard by their loves ones and not drowned out by the witless wonders of technology.

I want stamps to live forever. Help me make that happen. Introduce your kids to stamps.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stamp Alphabet Series: A is For Albania

KNS's ----Stamp Alphabet Series will pick a country for each letter of the alphabet as well as some terms and definitions useful to stamp collectors.

Adhesive: A word generally referring to a stamp. An adhesive is a label affixed to an article to prepay postal fees, in contrast to a design printed directly on an article, as with postal stationery. An adhesive can also refer to a registration label or other label added to a cover.

Aerophilately: A specialized area of collecting concentrating on stamps or covers carried by air.

Airmail: The carriage of mail by air. The first regular airmail service began in 1870, when mail was carried from Paris, France, then besieged by German forces, over enemy lines by balloon. The first airmail stamp was issued by Italy in 1917.

Album: Albums are binders, usually with pages, for the mounting and display of stamps and covers. Albums come in many sizes, styles and themes.