Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monthly Report: Reaching The World

KNS continues to reach all corners of the planet. Stamp Collecting is not a past time for old timers but rather a serious hobby with millions of devoted followers around the globe. We have added kind souls from Israel, Oman, Sri Lanka, South Africa, England and the Phillipines.

We have also outfitted a few public school classes, in the US and UK, to get those kids started in the right direction. Keep us the emails and many thanks for the wonderful comments and continued support.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

KNS: Statement of Purpose

KNS exists solely to lend a hand to parents interested in helping their children collect stamps. We provide free stamp starter-kits and plenty of stamp information attachments that can be saved and printed out. The knowledge provided allows adults and children a means to learn about the world, identify foreign stamps and even discover the unique terminology exclusively assigned to the world of stamps.

This statement of purpose is necessary because KNS inhabits a peculiar niche that serves children through their adult parents, guardians, teachers, family members, etc. We are not suitable for everyone nor do we want to be a catch-all for everything about stamps.
Our main purpose is to foster a better line of communication between parents and their children through stamp collecting. Since we also love stamps we broadened the definition to include stamp clubs, boy & girl scouts, cub scouts, classes in public schools and community centers.

If your situation does not fit our purpose find another organization that better suits your needs. KNS does not have a commercial agenda. We do not solicit or accept donations of any kind. Everything KNS provides is entirely free. All we ask is two things in return:

Use the stamps to help the kids learn more about themselves, their parents and the world.

Leave a comment on the Kids Need Stamps blog site:

If we sponsor your club all we ask is the following;

Use the stamps and information provided to serve the kids.

Do not exclude kids based on race, gender, background or ability.

Create a general lesson plan

Meet at least once a month, preferably twice a month

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stamp Alphabet Series: F is for Finland

Face Value: The monetary value or denomination of a stamp.

Fake: A genuine stamp that has been altered in some way to make it more attractive to collectors. It may be repaired, reperfed or regummed to resemble a more valuable variety.

First Day Cover (FDC): An envelope with a new stamp and cancellation showing the date the stamp was issued.

First Day Ceremony Program: A program given to those who attend first day of issue stamp ceremonies. It contains the actual stamp affixed and postmarked, a list of participants, and information on the stamp subject.

First-Class Mail: A class of mail including letters, postcards and postal cards, all matter wholly or partially in writing or typewriting, and all matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection.

Foreign Entry: When original transfers are erased incompletely from a plate, they can appear with new transfers of a different design which are subsequently entered on the plate.

Franks: Written, hand-stamped, or imprinted markings on the face of the cover indicating that it is carriedfree of postage. Franking is usually limited to official government correspondence.

Freak: An abnormal variety of stamps occurring because of paper fold, over-inking, perforation shift, etc., as opposed to a continually appearing variety or a major error.