Friday, December 6, 2013

Mandela: Gave Us Peace

27 years in prison. It would have been easy for him to be angry. To strike out in vengeance. No one would have blamed him.  But he did not.

He chose to reconcile.

He chose the road to peace. He stopped a certain civil war. He healed a nation by forming a Truth
Commission that made everyone charged with a hate crime on every side the war fess up on record, gain forgiveness and move forward with their lives.

So say he was not perfect. Yet never claimed such a position. And quite frankly who among the critics were responsible to stopping a war that could have easily claimed millions of lives. None of the naysayers---that we know for sure.

Mandela you gave us peace. You gave us a better direction for a brighter future. And you liked stamps too! (yes I had to throw that in there.)

May God reward your heroic efforts here on Earth. We could use a few more.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Parental Involvement: A Joyful And Safe Christmas Season

KNS is embarking on its 7th year of operation as a private charity fully engaged in helping parents help their kids collect stamps. The mission continues to be a raging success with KNS helping parents and a number of organizations helping kids start this amazing and still vibrant hobby in an age of  technological distractions.

We have assisted in a number of ventures, beyond the regular parental requests for stamp kits, to slightly expand our reach when discovering the cause fit our tight parameters.

** Ukrainian stamp club

** South African handicapped society

** Israeli stamp community

** Various home school classes

Please keep in mind KNS doesn't encourage or permit contact with children. We practice strictly what we preach and educate and then block any underage communication. This private charity is and always will be about parental or guardian assistance and encouragement to help their children or charges into the hobby of stamp collecting by providing free stamps and information. We do not apologize for their practice and strongly encourage parents to monitor their children's activities on the Internet. Any parents or others for the matter whom did not like, agree, or feel the need to protest this policy are also free to find another organization to indulge their political correctness.

KNS wishes everyone out a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Keep stamping alive.