Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Age Should I Introduce My Child To Stamp Collecting?

What age should I introduce my child to stamp collecting?

I have been hearing that often lately. The common consensus is at kindergarten class-attending age-which is 5 years old. But this isn't the ten commandments!. The majority of parents who ask and receive free stamp starter-kits from KNS tend to start their kids at an average of 7 years old.

I started my son much younger at 3.5 years old. He was first introduced to a nickel-plated pairs on tongs and we proceeded to dunk a handful of stamps on paper and separate them, pull them out of the water, dry them and then place them in drying books to flatten them out.

As he approachd 4 years old he was basically familiar with stamps in general and started to learn how to sort through them and ask questions of their different shapes, sizes, colours, people, animals, countries, etc.

I happen to think as a parent of two boys there are too many distractions (video games, sfx movies, cell phones) out in the world now than ever before. The earlier the better. They might not grow up to be stamp collectors for the rest of the lives but they will always treasure the time as father you put into making sure their education and entertainment is well-meaning and well-rounded.

Please keep those request coming. Free stamp starter-kits always available.