Saturday, September 5, 2009

Perfecting Harmony Through a Better Hobby

In the past 60 days we have received some of the most joyful emails ever from parents completely engaged in assisting their children in learning from the expanding world of stamp collecting. Our family thanks each and every one of you who have taken the journey of parental involvement with their children through the scope of shared hobby.

Our free stamp-kit program continues to reach out to new families lacking the basic of how to collect stamps or simply how to go about it in an educational and/or econonical manner. In these tough times we are most glad to help such families get a firm start without a single dime out of pocket.

The stamp kit is as follows:
5 email attachments that details stamp knowledge, identification lists and blank stamp pages
1 packet of international and US stamps
1 packet of stamp hinges
There are also instructions on how to create a wonderful very lost cost stamp stock book or stamp album.

Please remember the following: stamps are most than mere pictures on tiny pieces of paper:
Stamps reveal history, culture, language, science, medicine

We've have families report back that mutual stamp collecting has brought parents closer to their children, improved their focus in school and even helped the handicapped gain emotional independence by becoming passionate in a hobby that connects the heart and the mind.

Before you lose a tooth, ice skating or a brain cell, video gaming, consider perfecting harmony through a better hobby. Staying involved, staying present in our children's lives can be a challenge if we allow all the modern distractions to tear us away from the one thing all children truly need: parental presence. You will never lose when present. Never.