Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trading Links, Members, Information

Trading Links: (Nix on the Commercial Stuff)

I have been gettting a number of invites to trade links with what I must call commercial stamp sites. After investigation I have concluded trading links with these sites would not be in line with our non-sponsorship position. We take no ads nor endorse products. Our members would be exposed to higher priced items in exchange for a link buried in the bowels of these flashy sites. Sorry, not worth it. All links included below are either sites with no products for sale or with significant free information about stamps and collecting clearly marked for easy navigation. The key is not to get lost in the whole muck of other people's agendas. My vision is practical and simple: help parents help their children appreciate stamps in the most inexpensive manner.

More Members: (Need Your Comments)

We have signed up (metaphorically speaking) more members and starter-kits are out in the mail. Please don't forget to request the informational segment attachments to help with translations and definitions. Thanks for the nice compliments via email but please consider using the comments section of the blog articles and let other people know how you feel. Thanks. And keep spreading the word.

More Information: (Albums, Stockbooks, Supplies and Ebay)

As more members are requesting starter-kits, the need now shifts to produce a blog segments on stamp albums and stamp stockbooks. Stay tuned this weekend. Also there will be a segment on buying stamps and supplies. I will be focusing on the advantages of Ebay auctions and stores versus other direct locations for materials. I will list them all and you can decide what is best for your needs and your budget.

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