Friday, August 1, 2008

Parental Connecting Through Stamp Collecting

There are too many distractions today. Video games have replaced board games. Special effects have replaced visiting carnvials. Computers have replaced books. In numerous instances the modern world has eroded the special connection parents should have with their children.

I'm not a fuddy-duddy luddite railing against the machine. Just a parent and an observor who has distinctly noticed that when I played with my son in the park or playground--we strengthened our connection far deeper than when we watched television shows or joined in computer games.

This same basic notion surrounds the hobby of stamp collecting. Collecting stimulates the curiosity and permits parents and children to engage in intellectual challenges that builds bonds of trust and respect. It keeps parents "in the moment," guaranteeing nothing or no one can say they weren't there present and scratching their heads over a foreign destination (Albania) or international event (Olympics.)
In the coming entries we will explore the craft, fun and value of stamp collecting that is sure to transcend mere collecting and become another tremendous tool to teach our children history, geography, and last but not least ---our enduring love for their well-being.

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Mac C. said...

Thank you KNS, for providing my kids and I a hobby to bond over. With the everyday bustle and hustle, I had been desperately missing the times when my kids and I spent quality time together- something that KNS has brought back to my family. Now my two children and I connect--over stamps!