Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monthly Report: KNS Reaches Out and Grows

We are concluding our second successful month of providing parents, mentors and organizations the stamps and information necessary to launch their kids into the Hobby of Kings: stamp collecting. A big thanks again to
Lt. Col. Don from The Stamp Collecting Roundup
and Alex at The Stamp Collectors Corner

Yesterday KNS sent out its 50th starter-kit as well as outfitting an entire elementary classroom for stamp instruction and an entire troupe of 12 Boy Scouts. We also donated stamps to Stamps for the Wounded and Canadian Guide Dogs. KNS is considering an exciting proposal to assist a children's hospital ward.

KNS will continue to creatively reach out and meet the needs of individuals, parents, mentors and organizations that seek to interest children in stamp collecting. We have received a number of suggestions which serve to remind us of how many people surf and watch the Net these days. While I sincerely thank and have thanked each one for their wonderful idea I ask that you consider KNS cannot be everything to everyone nor do we ever intend to make that a goal.

I like the simple niche we always knew was present: parents, mentors and organizations in need of a basic boost to inspire them to get kids interested in stamp collecting, divert their attention from the technologically-confusing world, and bring them back to a place where art, history, science, geography and saving things of value is no longer a "geek phenomena" mocked on sitcoms and radio shows.

I would like to also thank everyone for the kind comments and compliments. My family and I are very pleased that our vision of assisting parents to help their children with stamp collecting is taking place right before our very eyes. And last, these starter-kits are really free. We do not solicit donations of any kind from anyone. If you want to donate used stamps, cut from envelopes, please send them to the organizations I listed on the site. They need and welcome such help.

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