Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Starter-Kits and Information Segment Attachments

We continue to send out starter-kits to inquiring parents and resourceful individuals. I would like to welcome Don Schilling from Stamp Collecting Roundup, (see link below!) an incredible site full of articles and links to the most diverse line-up of stamp collecting people on the planet. Thanks for your support. Also, new to the family, Mike Marx, a teacher who is recommitting to the craft of stamp collecting and teaching a class this fall. Kids Need Stamps have supplied his entire group of 30 students with stamps. You guys are an inspiration. Thanks for being out there.

The following informational segments are available in word.doc attachments that will sent upon request. This keeps postage to the minimum.

Major Lists

Cross Country Index --- (4 pages) conversion list that links old country names with new names, i.e., Siam—Thailand

Postage Art Emblems --- (3 pages) includes common symbols used in postage stamps, good for identification purposes

Basic Dictionary of Stamp Terms ---- (6 pages) an excellent grounding in stamp collecting terminology

Basic Country Name Translation List --- (5 pages) essential list to assist new collectors when dealing with international stamps

Specialized Lists

SE Asian Ideograms---- helps with asian ideograms on stamps

Indian Alphabet ---helps with Indian feudal states stamps

Cyrillic & Greek ---helps with Russian, Armenian and Greek isles

U.S. Glossary of Philatelic Terms –only list stamp terminology used in American collecting

Advanced Philatelic Glossary – (18 pages) super extensive

Bogus Issue List --- lists stamps that are frauds

If I have violated any copyright, referred to a web site or item inaccurately, failed to give proper credit, or erred in any way, it is unintentional. Please let me know, and I'll correct it.
Some of these segments are original by yours truly but in some instances I have amended, added or formally updated existing lists from Lee's Listopedia http://www.filbert.com/stamplistopedia/ which is a fascinating site of international scope that remains inactive and hasn't been updated since 1999. Emails haven't been returned. As always anything I provide is free of charge.

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