Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Postage Comfort In Times of Political Stupidity

We live in a day where the US Postage Service is no longer fast or reliable. But at least it still produces interesting stamps of quality and purpose.

Postage stamps can be a great comfort especially in times of political stupidity such as today. We are stuck with a fool whom has mastered words but not numbers.

Gratefully, stamps can harken back the days where leadership meant something. The following stamps are clear reminders of what leadership actually looks like.

Lincoln where are you in our times of trouble?  He like many of us is holding his head down in deep disappointment of our fellow citizens. Most whom are addicted to getting something for free. Stamps, the smallest works of art, are not free----so why would anything else of value be free.

I would love to tell you to get a job---but our current President has done nothing to create any.
So get a stamp instead and meditate on what it takes to stand up and make a difference in your country instead of sitting down and waiting for another check.

I am not proud of my country today. Neither is Reagan, Kennedy and Lincoln.

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