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Stamp Alphabet Series: Q is for Qatar

Quadrille A type of paper with intersecting vertical and horizontal lines that form small squares or rectangles. These rectangles may either be formed by a watermark or by a pattern of oil or lacquer. A number of French colony stamps of the turn of the century were printed on a quadrille paper. The term also applies to a specific form of album page with a lightly printed network of squares. This quadrille pattern is used by collectors as a guide for centering and mounting stamps on pages.

Quadripartite labels: postal labels made up of four parts; divided by roulette or perforation.

Quadripartition: four stamps that together form a completed design.

Quadrisect stamps: term used for 1931 Nicaraguan stamps where stamp fragments were permitted when supplies of normal low-value stamps ran short.

Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut: Arab sultanate on borders on the Gulf of Aden; 1891: forwarding agents in Aden handled mail, 1937, April 22: first stamps as Aden, 1939: postal union between Aden and protected states signed, 1942, July: first stamps issued, “Qu’aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla,” 1955: Protectorate State of Hadhramaut, 1963, Oct. 20: last issue; replaced by Federation of South Arabia; see Aden States.

Qu'aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla: Aden, East Aden Protectorate, 1955 1942: No.1, ½ anna blue green, first stamp, 1955: became Hadhramaut, 1963, Oct. 20: last issue; replaced by Federation of South Arabia; see Aden.

Qu'aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla: found in Scott Catalogue, Volume 1 after Aden-Kathiri State of Seiyun.

Quaker postmark: where the month is designated by a number and not name; The Society of Friends is opposed to the pagan naming of the months.

Quarnero Islands: see Carnaro, Fiume.

Quan Buu: military stamps of Viet Nam, 1960s.

Quantity Known (Reported to Exist): Unique: only one copy known. Very Rare: Fewer than 10 copies known. Rare: Fewer than 25 copies known. Very Scarce: Fewer than 50 copies known. Scarce: Fewer than 100 copies known.

Quarter: the fourth part of a divisible stamp; example is the 1857 issue of Brunswick with individual values of a quarter gutegroschen which prepaid the lowest postal rate.

Quartina: (It.) block of four.

Quartz lamp: a lamp with a quartz filament that shows repairs or tampering on stamps; used for observing phosphors.

Quatrefoil watermark: see Rosace.

Quattrino: unit of currency in the Italian state of Tuscany until 1860.

Queen Anne Act of 1710: provided for a chief or a General Post office in New York, subordinate to Her Majesty's Postmaster General in London with rates fixed by the British Parliament in 1710.

Queen Elizabeth II, 60th Birthday: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1986.

Queen Elizabeth II, 65th Birthday: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1991.

Queen Elizabeth II, Accession to Throne: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1992.

Queen Elizabeth II, 70th Birthday: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1996.

Queen Maud Land: bogus, 1969.

Queen Mother 85th Birthday: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1985.

Queen Mother 90th Birthday: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1990.

Queen Mother's Century: common design of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1999.

Queen's College: local, United Kingdom, Cambridge, 1883.

Queen's head: term for stamps depicting Queen Victoria.

Queensland: northeastern part of Australia; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound 1851: stamps as New South Wales, 1859: became a separate colony, sunburst design as cancel, 1860, Jan. 26-Nov.1: used stamps of New South Wales, 1860, Nov.1: No.1, 1 penny deep rose, first stamp; used Chalon Head stamps, 1861: first registration stamp, 1866: first postal fiscal stamp, 1882: postal treaty with Hong Kong permitted stamps of both countries used when posted aboard ships, 1884-91: stamps of Queensland used in British New Guinea, 1891: joined the UPU, 1900, June 19: first semipostal stamp, 1901: part of the six British Colonies to form the Commonwealth of Australia, 1913: stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia used; see Australia.

Queensland Railways: railway stamps promoted the "Golden Casket" a state lottery to used to frank letters and packages shipped via the railroad.

Queensland Railways: Australia railways local post.

Queens, Large, Small: large Queens of Canada ; size change to allow 200 small Queens to be printed in the same space as100 Large Queens (1868); small (1870-97).

Queen Victoria: the Penny Black, first postage stamp issued in 1840, as well as many other stamps, bears her image.

Quelimane: river port of Mozambique Province; Portuguese East Africa; currency: 100 centavos = 1 escudo 1894: Portuguese Colonies stamps overprinted Zambezia, 1898: King Carlos key type stamps issued, 1902: overprint “Provisoria,” 1913: No.1, 1/4 centavos on ½ avo blue-green, “Republica Quelimane” overprint on stamps of Macao, Portuguese Africa, Timor, 1914: “Quelimane” inscription on stamps of Portugal, 1922: replaced by stamps of Mozambique; see Tete.

Quelimane: overprint on stamps of Portuguese Colonies; Macao, Portuguese Africa, Timor, 1914: "Quelimane" inscription on stamps of Portugal, 1922: stamps of Mozambique; see Tete.

Quepol: one of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.

Quer: (Ger.) diagonal.

Queretaro: overprint on stamps of Mexico for this district, 1856-1883.

Quettan Republic: bogus African nation.

Quetzel: currency unit in Guatemala.

Quind(t)ar: currency unit in Albania.

Quinta de Goya: (Sp.) inscription for the centenary of the death of Goya, 1930, Spain.

Quito: city in Ecuador; Quito to Guayaquil Railway Company used a five-pointed star
overprint in 1902.

Quittances: (Fr.) receipts; French Colonies revenue inscription

Quittances du Tresor: (Fr.) treasurer's receipt; French Colonies revenue inscription

Quittung: (Ger.) receipt.

Quotazione: (It.) price.

QV: abbreviation for Queen Victoria

QY: Scott Catalog number prefix for Parcel Post Authorized Delivery (Italy).


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