Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stamp Alphabet Series: J is for Japan & K is for Korea

J P A - Junior Philatelists of America.

Jet press - Another term for offset printing of stamps.

Joint issue - When a similar stamp design is issued by more than one country on the same day.

Joint line - A line formed by ink that accumulates between two printing plates.

Journal stamps - Stamps used specifically for prepaying postage on journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Jubilee - Stamp issues that feature a special (usually 25- year increment) anniversaries.

Judenpost - Ghetto stamps issued for the use of Jews interned in concentration camps.

Jumbo stamps - See Boardwalk Margins.

Jury - Judges at a stamp show.

Keytype - A basic stamp design used for the issues of two or more postal authorities which include captions of respective countries, denominations, etc.

Killer - Any obliterating postmark that’s used to cancel a stamp.

Killer bars - Horizontal lines used for stamp cancellations.

Kiloware - Collections (often sold by the kilo) made up of a variety of postally used stamps that are mounted on envelope corner paper.

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