Friday, September 24, 2010

Creating Your Own Stockbooks

Consult this chart. It will help you make some selections on purchasing Vario pages from Ebay or wherever you canfnd them. These pages will help you make the perfect stockbook to display and protect stamps. Often you can buy a pack of 5 vario pages (2 sides make 10 pages) for under $7 and buy a 3 ring binder at the local store for a $1. Good chance you can creat your own stockbook from under $10. Most decent stockbooks are over $20 a piece. I create my own stockbooks. I like to create my own because stockbooks are pricey and often stuck in one size which doesn't hold well for a full variety of stamps in any given collection. In time you can purchase a variety of sizes and create different stockbook types or just mix them up.

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Anonymous said...

Please consider using the " Slant D " binder in the future. Slant D binders will hold more pages and less stress when you are turning the pages.