Monday, July 28, 2008

Monthly Report: Emails, Members & Stamps for the Wounded

I proposed this stamp club about a month ago on the stamp forum and received 14 requests from parents around the United States and 1 in Canada. Ironically, I sent out starter-kits and provided guidance even before I got around to building the blog site "Kids Need Stamps."

I have also reminded parents not to forget our wounded veterans by donating the stamps saved from envelopes in their daily correspondence at home and work.

Please donate your stamps on paper to:

John M. Hotchner
Stamps For the Wounded
P. O. Box 1125
Falls Church, VA 22041-1125

You will receive a heartfelt note of appreciation from
SFTW, Vice President, John M. Hotchner

"We very much appreciate your contribution of materials to help hospitalized servicemen by providing them with the stamps and other necessary tools for engaging in stamp collecting; a successful recreation therapy which productively occupies their time, their eyes, their hands, and above all, their minds. We assure you that all philatelic material you contribute will be used for purposes related to our charitable function as described above. This note of appreciation is sent on behalf of all of those who will ultimately benefit from your generosity."

There is much more to come in both information and projects to assist parents in keeping stamp collecting alive and thriving in the lives of children. Stay tuned.

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