Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughts About Starting a Stamp Club: Part 2

Where should I meet? It always best to meet at a neutral location such as a community center, library, recreation room, church area, etc. The only folks that seem to handle stamp clubs from the home is the homeschool people. Perhaps they have more practice with home events than most, but I highly recommend for most to meet somewhere more public.

Should I name my club? You can but it is not necessary or important unless the club is geared to a certain facet of stamp collecting like airmail or Spain, etc.

Do I need to be an expert on stamps? No. We can provide a great deal of information to help prepare a stamp club teacher or director. You simply need a monthly agenda. "Ok, class, this month we will examine the stamps of Italy and England.

What should my lesson plan or agenda look like? That is up to you. One important tip: teach to your supplies. You don't want to announce a month of stamps that have flowers on them and have few or no stamps with flowers. Choosing topical subjects can be limiting and sometimes self-defeating since it traps you into an area you might not be able to provide for the class. Review your supplies and build a lesson plan on what you have and not what you dream to have.

What should my class size be? I am not interested in limiting anyone from anything related to stamp collecting but sadly the smaller the class size the easier it is to maintain. Usually less than a dozen is best---not just for supply reasons but for time constraints. There will be lots of questions. You need the time to answer them.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Mark,

Many thanks for the packet of 10 stamps that you had previouly sent

Anonymous said...

This stamp club info is timely and needed. Thanks for the head start.

Anonymous said...

My son and I thank you very much for the stamp starter kit, gives us something to discuss and work together at learning. The information you provided has also been very usefull again, thank you

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