Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stamp Alphabet Series: I is For Italy

Idem - Means that a later stamp issue has the same characteristics as a previous issue.

Illustrated Covers - A cachet which has words and an illustration.

Imperforate - An absence of perforations or rouletting between a pane’s individual stamps.

Impression - Any printing that is embossed or stamped.

Imprimatur - The first sheets of stamps produced from an approved plate.

Imprint Block - A block from part of a sheet where the printer's name or imprint appears on the margin.

Inclusions - Substances included while making paper used in stamp production.

India paper - A thin, tough opaque printing paper typically used for striking die proofs.

Indicium - The imprint made by a postage meter or found on postal stationery.

Inland mail stamps - Stamps intended specifically for domestic use.

Inscription - Any letters, words and numbers appearing in a stamp’s design.

Intaglio - Italian for "in recess.'' The stamp’s image is produced by the recessed portion of a printing plate.

Invert - Refers to any part of a design is inverted in relation to the remaining design.

Interleaves - Tissue used between stamp album pages to prevent stamp contact.

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