Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stamp Stories: The First Tea Party

You been hearing alot of about Tea Party this and Tea Party that these days but few seem to recall the first Tea Party involved American colonists sneaking onto a British cargo ship in the Boston Harbor disguised as Indians and promptly tossing crates of Tea into the waters below to protest the unjust Tea Tax Law.

I share these stamp stories because of the primary reasons KNS exists is to help create more fond memories between kids and their parents and between kids and their favorite stamps. The Boston Tea Party stamp block of 1973 was my first block in my stamp album. It was also the first stamp/s I used a "jacket" on. We used to call them "jackets" but they are the protective mounts with clear plastic to seal a stamp from environmental conditions and thus preserve its unique quality and value.

While stamps in their full scope are more than historical milestones; they cannot escape being placed in the event the stamp was originally issued to commemorate. And neither can I separate my memories of events surrounding the acquistion of various special stamps. The remember the trips to get them. The stories around them. The shows that spoke about them. The tales from other collectors.

In our modern era some will have you convinced this is corny stuff worthy of coke glasses and acne medicine. That stamp collecting is supposedly confined to the sheltered fearful types who toil in the lonely dark staring at colorful slips of paper. Just remember this, the fools who hurl these charges are the same fools who devote hours to mindless violent video games with nothing to show for their expense of time and money. Usually these folks are equally addicted to profane and sex-charged cartoons and motion pictures who spew a diet of everything out there is primitive and backward if it doesn't involve cursing, shooting, fornicating or killing.

So I guess I'll stay corny. And so will my children. We will enjoy stamps and the unique memories they create. KNS is here to help you create a few more.

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