Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stamps Are Stories of Thanksgiving

It can be successfully argued that stamps are stories of thanksgiving. Each stamp brings its unique story of presence to the world at large. Look at our colourful country. Look at this beautiful animal specimen. Take to heart this ailment or disease that must defeated. Each stamp has such a message to deliver to a diverse but distracted citizenry.

I know we spoke about stamps being mini-national advertisements for tourism, business, politics, history, geography, science and ocassionally sports, but many wonderful things are coming out on stamps from emerging countries that are developing their own distinct voice to speak again to the world stage. Take for example, Slovenia:

The stamp above is a tiger moth and they are plentifuf in Slovenia but endangered in Northern Europe where night lighting and the destruction of plants at the edge of woods keep the moths from repopulating. This example is one of many that Slovenia can now address through the reliable vehicles of communication we know as stamps.

I have been taken by their stamps isssues of waterways, lighthouses, marshes, aquatic life, marine plants, the whole incredible living inventory that is lovely Slovenia and continue to wonder how many other natural treasures we miss because countries are at war, in chaos, too busy to explore because too busy trying to survive till tomorrow.

Folks, there are thousands of untold stories ready to be spun on the stamps in the approaching years as wars give to peace, and horror surrenders to hope. Right now the Congo is again sputtering towards slaughter but one day its people will win the right to be free and tell their own story through stamps. Science tells us nearly 25% of the area is unexplored. Just imagine the mysteries, artifacts, natural beauties to be found in a place often known for violence and cruelty.

I continue to expect stories of thanksgiving from every corner of the globe as people figure out that peace is the braver path to a good life and a surer path to a longer one as well. Stamps are stories of thanksgiving. Beyond the international scope I am describing here is also a local, personal, family thanksgiving with stamps that foster memories of loved ones passed on but still present in our hearts and stamp collections.

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