Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monthly Report: Collectors News Spotlights KNS

KNS is proud to announce our site, its efforts and its club president, Mark Rossi, is being featured in Collectors News a magazine that focuses on various aspects of collecting (toys, dolls, cards, stamps, etc.) The January 2009 issue will be examing the stamp collecting aspect of collectibles and KNS was chosen as an organization making a difference in the vital effort to keep stamp collecting alive for another enlightened generation. We sincerely thank them for spreading the good word. http://collectors-news.com/ {Cover Issue is November 2008}

KNS is continuing to fine tune its effort to equip a children's hospital with a complete stamp collecting program. We also made another meaningful contribution of stamps to the Stamps for the Wounded program. Meanwhile we continue our main mission of assisting parents with free starter-kits one parent at a time. We welcome new members from Canada and India and thank everyone for their inquiries and questions. A special thank you for those kind members who leave comments on the blog articles.

As always I welcome parents to read the blog articles and discover what KNS is all about and how to go about setting up a basic inexpensive stamp collecting outfit for your child. This is also a good time to address a few issues that have risen:

1. Free starter-kits are available always. No expiration date. No until supplies run out.

2. I don't care about your martial status, political affiliation, religion or cultural background.If you are committed to getting your child interested in stamp collecting. We will help.

3. Please keep your questions relevant to helping parents help kids collect stamps. This is a family operation. Our time is precious.

4. Stamps Images. Some are in the Public Domain due to their age or country's liberal policy to promote their stamps or country's image. Others are used through Fair Use which allows stamp images to be utilized like book reviews. We are not selling anything hereand our articles only elevate stamp collecting. Period. Appreciate the concern but nothing's happening to the 20,000 auctions (with images) taking place on Ebay everyday. And those guys are actually making money. Hope that answers your questions. Enough said.

5. You need to provide your mailing address. I am still surprised on how many inquiries we get and how many turn down the offer of a free starter-kit because we need their mailing address. Folks, the stamps can't materialize through the internet. They have to be mailed through the postage system: a service also free of charge from KNS.

I wish you all a Happy Halloween. Keep those children safe. And rejoin us again in November.


Anonymous said...

yes i need stamps for my 6 year old girl kaylin ive gotten her atleast 10 stamps she wants more this would help her and me keeping her happy thank you Ron add. is 192 glades rd apt 51 berea ky 40403 you can send them in my kids name she likes getting mail kaylin marcum

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your passion but I takes requests via email for a reason--part being your privacy. And also because there are files for information about stamps you will be need. Please email us.


Anonymous said...

Hi,Marcum family

KNS would like to send you stamps to assist your daughter in her collecting goals but we require adults to make the request via email.


Anonymous said...

I am teaching the basics of stamp collecting in the hopes of getting younger ones involved in a great hobby so as to see the art continued I collected as a child but then my dad sold all my stamps and I got very discouraged esp after my grandmother died cause she is the one that got me started anyway I had gotten away from it got married had kids etc well when my father pased away we moved back here to help with things in doing so I found one of the folders the post office use to give away so you could hinge your stamps in it back in the 80's well dad must have somehow mised this one and as I shared it with my kids I was amazed at their reaction and began to think and well here I am I contacted our local rec dept. and they liked the idea and the program was born but everything is out of my pocket or donations I went to the post office for help and well that was a dead end I also hope to offer this to the patient at shriners as this is something they could do even in their hospital beds esp since this is my kids home away from home I have two that are patient there so basically I am trying to gather as many items and info as possibile with as little cost as possible because I want to offer it to the kids for free and as rewards and incentives for them finding the stories behind the stamps and things like that I welcome any ideas and suggestions for activities from all the veteran collectors out there thanl you and God Bless!!! Anything you could send us to use for this proram would be greatly appriciated thank you.

Melinda Williams
6830 Passfield Rd
Rochester, Illinois 62563-8088