Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Continue To Serve Families: Free Starter-Kits

After a few months of log entries on the blog you begin to forget that the important introductory articles are not so visible anymore. I continue to get emails from parents believe the starter-kits were only a summer phenomena. They are not. They are forever. KNS continue to serve families seeking to introduce their children to the exciting world of stamp collecting.

The starter-kits contain 10 US stamps and 10 foreign stamps (each from a different country)
I have also began to include a credit card magnifer with each request (while supplies last.)

The parent also receives 5 information attachments that specify how to identify foreign stamps and how to understand various stamp definitions and terminology.

You can purchase inexpensively various Vario stock book pages and place them in a looseleaf and create your own stamp book. (There's a brief explanation in the welcome letter I send out.)

Or parents can download one or both of the following album pages presented free to collectors:

16 page kid album (from Stamps.net)

{please kind in mind you need to have Adobe on your computer to open this up}
{warning: kid album is cute and useful but also uses a lot of black ink}

black album pages (from International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors)

{blank means blank --you have to title everything} (But these folks have a link to download
Adobe Acrobat for free)

Keep those email inquiries coming. Love to hear from everyone. Thanks again to Stamp Collecting Round-Up for directing parents to our site.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your stamps! I am one of the Canadian families that you have sent a kit. I was very pleased to see the good quality. I bought a stockbook today, and my son and I are going to start organizing today! (btw, he is 5 - and wanted to collect stamps!)

Anonymous said...

I'm always excited to hear about another family's blessings via stamp collecting. What a world where we can tranverse the globe electronically and speak to other families about the value of stamps.



Dear Sir,
I would like to kindle interest in Philately to my GrandDaughter.
Please send me aStarter Kit.
Thanking You
C4a,JAins antariksa
12,rathnambal street

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your passion but I take requests via email for a reason--part being your privacy. And also because there are files for information about stamps you will be need. Please email us.


Anonymous said...

please send my son some stamps i am trying to get him started on a real Hobie thank you bi mi email hmc@hotmail.com please email me my address is 66shortway roslyn heights ny 11577

Anonymous said...

I am a 40 years old father for one child and I wanted him to start stamp collecting and get him into the beautiful world of stamp collecting. My address is
7/2, kannappa

lilani said...

Thank you so much for your starter kit, Its much appreciated. We ( my son and I ) are in the midst of sorting the stamps out in a stock book.

Anonymous said...

Received the starter kit few days back. Thank you so much! My niece(who is 7) was so excited with the new additions to her collection. Really appreciate the work that you are doing!
Wishing you and your family all the best!

Thanks! ^_^