Friday, September 5, 2008

Thoughts For Parents Of First-Time Stamp Collectors

Stamp collecting is a wonderful and creatively inspiring past time. It can also be a solitary. KNS (Kids Need Stamps) strives to bring parents together with children to make stamp collecting a shared joy; not another activity to shove them in the corner.

Consider the following thoughts:

1. Go the traditional route; buy some stamps (or get some here for free), buy a stockbook or buy a dedicated stamp album (US, World or a Single Country)

2. Collect Topicals: trains, planes, shells, animals, etc. and buy a stockbook

3. Buy some used stamps and create collages with other artwork, photos, letters, etc. (now this will ruin the stamps value but you will create something unique with its own value.

4. Buy some stamps (ones that mean something to you), mount them on a cardboard and place in small frames for hanging on the wall.

5. Dream up some other ideas but stay in the picture. There are times when we are the best parents when we are not on the sidelines. This is one of those times.

6. Seek advice if you are running out the ideas or don't have any to start. I will be happy to help and I am sure other folks on other sites will do the same.


Jeevan Jyoti said...

Its a very good Blog for new stamp collectors. It will promote this wonderful hobby in a big way. Congratulations !

Shimla, India

Mark said...

Thanks kindly, most folks in the States do not realize the big following stamps have in India.

Linda said...

Great site, we are wondering how to get the free starter kit? My daughter is 12 and just recently got interested in stamp collecting by seeing the collection of a serious long time stamp collector. it was fascinating.
thanks so much!