Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monthly Report: International Communiques

First and foremost I would like to announce the birth of our second son. Thank you all for the supportive emails. I have been away from the blog for a few weeks due to heath complications of the mother and the child. Your kind words and prayers have been a source of additional strength.

Unlike the media doomsayers I still believe in this country and its currency. Thus I have a nice monetary stamp up here to keep the spirit alive. We'll make it through this silliness just like other challenges in the past. Don't bet against America.

The club has been making contact with international new outlets and other clubs to spread the word and discover what others are doing out there in their stamp world. I have been learning to appreciate the extensive expertise and passion of Indian collectors and their clubs. Very impressive sites, stamps and products. Plus it helps (me) they speak English. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I placed a few Indian stamp sites for others to explore and educate themselves.

We have also been putting together a proposal to support a few children's hospitals to assist very sick children with stamp collecting. One of the features is to include total kits that have vario pages, binders and credit card magnifiers. Children in these unfair circumstances need something positive to focus on. Perhaps something they can perform solitary in order to help them regain a sense of independence normally lost to chemo, medication, nursing and parades of people and programs also trying to lend a hand.

Welcome our friends from Canada. We are getting more inquires from that wonderful place high in the North. Always excited to hear from our international parents seeking to broaden their children's scope on education, history and world affairs. In so many instances parents worldwide often face the same issue: finding the best way to guide their children's past time in the most constructive manner. And many want to keep their children's minds out of the modern gutter of sex-laden and violent movies and video games. This hobby is one solution towards that end.

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