Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stamps As Medicine: The Therapeutic Value

KNS is a serious believer in stamps serving a therapeutic value for wounded soldiers and ailing senior citizens. We have donated supplies to these causes and witnesses the positive results.

We hope to see and hear the same results as we enbark on helping a group of disabled children from South Africa. KNS has been searching for some time now in the hopes of connecting with a group of children interested in learning about stamps and maybe learning about themselves and their ability to overcome their physical or mental challenges.

Up unto this point KNS were unsuccessful in convincing disabled children groups to join in the effort to learn and love stamps. Often their adult supervisor or group leaders frowned on the idea as too complicated or too outdated. Naturally, we deeply disagree and feel excluding people with challenges does them a terrible disservice.

Fear is the ulitmate enemy of the disabled. Ours and theirs. Neither permit them to overcome.

Thank you brave people of South Africa. Your example is bound to inspire others around the world.

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