Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stamp Alphabet Series: L is For Luxembourg

Label: 1: a stamp-like adhesive that may be blank, attached to a commemorative or semi-postal stamp with description, used in stamp booklets, advertising labels attached to stamps, war propaganda labels, etc; by themselves, may be considered cinderellas. 2: Great Britain calls postage due stamps labels. 3: earliest name for postage stamp as shown in the margin of the first British sheets, but not used any longer. 4: bogus stamp of non-existent issue.
Label address: address on a label that is affixed to a cover.

Label cachet: design on a label that is affixed to a cover.

Label, commemorative: carries description of stamp design

Labeled stamps: stamps with labels attached.

Label, fiscal: label valid for fiscal usage.

La Belle France: cinderella issues from France used to promote tourism.

Label, semi-postal: with description of charity.

Label stain (LS): blemish from a peelable label on a cover.

La Bisbal: local post, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937.

Labrador USA Post Office: 1908; bogus stamps for Labrador, Canada.

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