Friday, October 8, 2010

Kids Need Stamps Approaches 4th Year in Operation

This organization continues to provide free stamp starter kits to all whom ask. Please observe the following recap of various happenings in the recent past.

We continue to branch out internationally and have added Oman and Israel as contacts to spread the good news about stamp collecting. This club is also a regular donor to Stamps for the Wounded, an organization that provides stamps and supplies for your wounded soldiers while recovering in the hospital.

Thanks so much for the emails, but we are still low on comments, I think because most find it easier to make their comments via email. With permission I have begun to paste those comments on the blog site (without names unless otherwise directed.) This the best method I discovered for others to notice what we are doing and get inspired to help their kids collect stamps too.

Basic Rules:

We really don't have many but very strict about the few we keep:

1. All stamp starter kits are free (no charge)

2. We do not accept donations of any kind, any time.

3. We do not allow contact with children. This club is solely about parents helping their kids collect stamps. We are in contact only with adults. No exceptions.

See. Very easy. Everything's free. We dont want anything from you but a nice email back telling us how the kids are getting into stamps. And kids being safe on the internet.

Stamp Clubs:

KNS is loosely sponsoring clubs throughout the US and some foreign destinations. At the moment it is a more loose association due to the infrequent schedule of clubs but we welcome a structured club with a firm schedule and a positive agenda. Inquires? Happy to hear them.

Please keep up the excellent work out there. Every week I hear from parents and teachers who are devoting their time to helping kids collect stamps. I keep my mind open as well, recently an art instructor requested a packet of stamps to use in an art project. I agree with his assessment, if we are also also stamps can be art, then why not allow them to be used in art projects. Who says they have to be collected or placed in books to appreciate it. They can also be used to enhance art projects.


Anonymous said...

God Bless you and your Family

Anonymous said...

Received the starter kit few days back. Thank you so much! My niece was so excited with the new additions to her collection. Really appreciate the work that you are doing!
Wishing you and your family all the best!

Anonymous said...

hi thank you for the stamps my daughter loves them we had a good time looking at them together where could we find a book to keep them in .thank you mildred marsh

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! My son was very happy to receive your very nice starter kit.

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome. KNS.