Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KNS Sponsors Official Stamp Clubs

The new year often brings about new ideas to help others with their stamp endeavours.

"Kids Need Stamps" has decided to sponsor official stamp clubs throughout the country. At the moment we are focusing on those clubs already in existence in a semi or formal manner. This seems to be the best method to help grow these get-togethers into something more organized and stocked with more stamps and other supplies. Teachers in these settings can concentrate more on creative lessons than worrying about stamps and supplies.

The conditions are pretty simple:

Need to have an official name and meeting place
Need to have at least 4 kids in attendance
Need to have a committed teacher/director
Need to be inclusive and not ban kids due to race or gender*

(I'm not the politically-correct type, but when parents ask for certain stamps and only want 1 gender in their class---well, finance your own values,--- hope you get my point)

I am still putting together the official stamp club supply list but obviously it will include stamps, hinges, envelopes, blocks, and a few other goodies I am working on.

We are also getting official stamp club stickers for all the kids.

Stay tuned for more news and details.


Carrie said...

Will there be a directory of some sort, so that we can find out whether there is a club operating in our area, and how to get involved?

Anonymous said...

We help those who create stamp clubs, but do not maintain a director of some sort. Most clubs do not have their own websites. KNS is mostly about helping parents help kids collect stamps and that is usually one-on-one.