Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stamps on Paper: Soaking and Saving

One of the most fun and cost effective method to collect stamps is to clip them off envelopes from the general mail. When I was a child I would go to the travel agency with my father and he would get a bundle of envelopes they saved for him. In the bundle would be hundreds of stamps from around the world.
The following are time-test ways to save and collect these stamps:

1. Clip stamp from envelope using a scissor. Just cut around the envelope leaving as little paper
as possible without damaging the stamp.

2. Fill up a basin or bowl with warm water.

3. Toss your pile of stamps on paper (with faces upward) in the bowl and dunk them in the water.

4. Wait 15 minutes.

5. Manually, but gently, separate your stamps from the paper and place them on a series of
dry paper towels.

6. Once they have dried, press the stamps (because they curl) into the pages of a book (or you
can buy a stamp dryer book for the same purpose.

7. The next day remove stamps and determine which you want to keep and which you might want to trade or give away.

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